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Illuminated design?

by Geoffrey on June 30, 2011

This is an attractive, apparently well-made planter pot.  A fun product because it “riffs” on the terracotta form, yet is physically light, and looks even lighter because of the internal illumination!

100% polyethylene, the manufacturer claims is 100% recyclable.  However, to discard an item like this would mean disassembling the lighting hardware.  Also, could you actually toss an object like this in your blue bin?  The biggest one would be too large – OK set it out on the curb.  And does a municipal recycling plant actually take such objects – or are they set up only for soda bottles and milk jugs?

The planter is manufactured in Italy.  If a furnishing is imported from the other side of the world, because of the invested energy in the product, even if it is 100% recyclable, is it a “sustainable” product?

Saw this planter at Design Within Reach.  http://bit.ly/kfMSsy

illuminated planter from Serralunga

illuminated planter

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