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Some stats.

by Geoffrey on June 13, 2011

If you are in the world of architecture, engineering, construction, you want to be doing green building.

US construction activity total in 2006 was a bit less than $700 billion.  Today in 2011 US total construction activity is a bit over $400 billion, or about 43% of 2006 activity.  Total US green building construction activity today is about 35% of total US construction activity and is expected to rise to about 50% of total US construction activity by 2015.  Total growth could be anemic, however, over the next four years. 

So there you have both the bad news and the good news. 

Source: Michele Russo, Director of Green Content and Research Communications, McGraw-Hill Construction.  At GreenerBuilder http://bit.ly/foYyQm  June 8 2011

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