Geoffrey Katz educates businesses and organizations on how green building rating / standards / regulatory systems that impact landscape, site, and garden in their projects and services align with their business strategies.

Geoffrey’s speaking style is energetic based on his commitment to the subject matter, interactive and entertaining through use of a variety of approaches and media; he provides insight and opportunity for personal engagement.  Geoffrey customizes presentations to address the specific opportunities and issues of the audience.

Geoffrey provides an overview of the topics and detailed discussions, design and planning theory and practical methods, master planning and policy making and details.

Geoffrey has instructed at the

  • University of California, Berkeley Extension, San Francisco
  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Email Geoffrey for his speaking fee and other information gkatz2 (at) earthlink.net.

Speaking topics include

  • Stormwater “Best Management Practices” as design elements in a campus master plan
  • Municipal stormwater guidelines and LEED
  • Working with plant communities to achieve LEED Credits
  • Energy conservation and exterior lighting to achieve LEED Credits
  • Setting a reasonable base case in calculating irrigation total and potable water demand
  • Sustainable materials in landscape design and construction
  • Maximizing LEED points through site planning and landscape design
  • Regulatory and legal aspects of green building for landscape architects

These are suggested topics.  Email Geoffrey to review your specific needs gkatz2 (at) earthlink.net.

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