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Health costs vs Energy + water costs

by Geoffrey on June 14, 2011

All costs to operate a building may be less than 5% of health care costs for the organization that owns and operates the building.  So any way that a green building project can reduce health care costs is potentially a big deal for your client. 

LEED and other green building rating systems target the fact that buildings might be using collectively about 30% of energy and water in the USA.  But from the business organization’s point of view, these costs for energy and water are small.  Trouble is, it is hard to measure direct or even indirect health care improvements from green building measures.

Source: Michele Russo, Director of Green Content and Research Communications, McGraw-Hill Construction.  At GreenerBuilder Conference, South San Francisco, June 8, 2011.

What are comparable relationships in Canada, where health care costs are organized through provincial health insurance plans, but energy and water costs may be higher because of climate?  What are comparable relationships in Europe?  Japan?  Australia?  China?

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