White Papers

A white paper is a report that addresses one or more key issues and how to solve them. White papers are used to educate, to help decision-making, and to assist in marketing.

Topics for White Papers might include:

  • For Land Development Organizations: How green building landscape design measures can provide solutions and reduce development and long-term maintenance costs
  • For Architects and Landscape Architects: How landscape / site issues can help achieve LEED Prerequisites and Credits, or CalGreen or other green building points
  • For Landscape Architects: Responsibilities and opportunities for landscape architects under LEED and other green building rating systems
  • For Manufacturers and Distributors: How landscaping and gardening products can meet LEED, CalGreen, or other green building standards
  • For Administrators and Policy-Makers: Compare and contrast the points, credits, organization, strengths of LEED, BREEAM, Green Globes, Build-It Green, Sustainable Sites Initiative, Bay-Friendly Landscaping, CalGreen,  or other green building standards

These are broad suggestions for white papers.  Every project or product has unique characteristics and these would normally be addressed particularly in a white paper.  A white paper may be a brief overview or a detailed research presentation.

To request the preparation of a white paper for your needs please contact Geoffrey gkatz2 (at) earthlink.net

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